Claudette Colvin Refuses to Move: Courageous Kid of the Civil Rights Movement

by Ebony Joy Wilkins

Ebony Joy Wilkins author of Claudette Colvin Refuses to Move
Capstone Press
Publication Date: August 1, 2020

It’s March 2, 1955, and an ordinary 15-year-old girl from Montgomery, Alabama is about to do something extraordinary. When a white bus driver orders Claudette Colvin to give up her seat for a white passenger, she refuses to move. After Claudette is arrested, her brave actions help inspire Civil Rights leaders organize bus boycotts and perform similar acts to defy segregation laws. Eventually, Claudette’s court case results in overturning Alabama’s unconstitutional laws and provides greater freedom for black Americans everywhere.

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Discussion questions about the book

1. Pretend that it is 1955, what do you think your life would have been like then? How would your life be different than it is today?
2. How do you believe you would react if a bus driver refused to let you stay in your seat after you had paid your fare?
3. Claudette refused to move from a city bus. The driver called the police to force her to move, even though she had already paid her fare. What unjust act(s) have you witnessed, and what was your reaction?
4. What do you believe we should do when we see that someone around us needs help?
5. Can you remember a time when someone needed help? How did you help them?

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