Someone to Hear Me

Dorene Lewis with Ebony Joy Wilkins

Ebony Joy Wilkins author of Someone to Love Me

Someone to Hear Me is a personal account of how Dorene Lewis survives daily abusive relationships and finds the strength to make drastic life-style changes to better her life and the lives of her children.

Ebony Joy Wilkins author of Someone to Love Me

NaTasha has a wonderful life in affluent Adams Park: she’s popular, wealthy, and being the only African American in her school has never even crossed her mind. So when she spends the summer with her spitfire grandmother, Tilly, volunteering at a teen crisis center for troubled girls in the Bronx, she doubts herself. The girls at Amber’s Place are rough, streetwise, sure of themselves, and they wield their secrets like knives. They hate NaTasha. They call her a sellout. She could run back to Adams Park, and everything would go back to normal. But NaTasha stands her ground and discovers that friendship, love, and self-discovery have been waiting for her all along.

Discussion questions about the book

1. If a friend tells you they are in an unhealthy relationship and they need help, how do you respond? What do you do?
2. The relationship you are in no longer works for you but you don’t know how to leave it. What do you do? Who can you call?
3. At school, you are popular and involved in several groups on campus, but feel depressed and uninterested. How can you ask for help? What do you wish the people around you knew?
4. Your counselors, teachers, family and friends are helping you to manage your anxiety. Now, they are asking you to help others by sharing your story. What do you write? Who do you hope reads your story?
5. If you are in an abusive relationship and want help, here are a few resources:
National Domestic Violence Hotline
Help Guide
Help a Friend

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